55th reunion letter (1)
Posted Friday, July 3, 2015 08:50 AM

Fellow Classmates of ’61,

As 2016 approaches, so does the 55th anniversary of graduation from good old Muskego High School. 

It has always been a good time gathering for reunions.  We are seeking feedback/suggestions for a reunion in the Summer of 2016.  A picnic/lunch in Muskego Park has been suggested.  That was the site of the Class 70th Birthday Party last year, but any and all ideas are welcome.

Please give some thought to this and contact any one of us with your ideas or suggestions or thoughts.  We can be contacted by emailing us on our website http://www.muskegoclassof 61.com/ or by phone.


Gene               262-367-6222

Sue                  262-510-9215

Russ                262-215-9259