Reunion Memories 2011
Posted Tuesday, September 13, 2011 09:33 PM

What a privilege to be part of such an outstanding group of people.  I keep reviewing the photos of our reunion and have feelings of dejavu, dating back to 50 years ago.  Something held together through all these years.   Perhaps it was Mr. Olson, who made us all feel special and worthwhile and yet instilled in us a feeling of responsibility and commitment to life, friends, events, and taught us too , to treasure those people and things we value and hold in high regard.    Let's cherish our memories  and hold our commitment to each other and to those friendships we cultivated, long ago, and value to this day.    One of the best parts for me, was re-connecting with Neil Hoffman, my bosom buddy, partner in crime, and confidant, after 50 years.  Also, the opportunity to meet his very lovely wife Dianne, and to get to know her a little.  We sure had fun didn't we?  That golf outing was memorable and another opportunity to spend precious time with classmates we don't see often enough.  Thanks to Jeannie and Gloria for having so many "best balls".    To sum it all up, I found a pink ball in the woods on the golf course with the words "Life is Good" imprinted on it.  It certainly is, isn't it?