Lunch 1/12/17 Matty's
Posted Tuesday, January 3, 2017 10:53 AM

Hello friends,

First off...Happy New Year!!!  Hope you all had a great Holiday Season!  Now for the LOOOOOONg wait til Spring!

Our next lunch will be at:

Matty's Bar & Grill

14460 West College Avenue
New Berlin, WI 53151
Tel: 414.427.3838

The usual gathering time is 11 AM...

Please let me know if you are coming,,,so that I can let them know how to fix the tables...they like to know in Please let me know if you are coming.  It truly makes it easier for them than having so scramble tables at the last minute when surprise guests arrive.  Thanks so much!!!

Also...plans are in the works for another picnic...most likely the Saturday after the 4th of July.  We haven't been able to book it yet but will let you know the definite date asap.  If you would like to help Gene and I with the planning please let me know asap also so that we aren't doubling up on things.  Thanks a bunch

See you then and there.